Development & Training

To be successful in what you do, you need to work with people and love them. Ramfis teaches leaders how to do that. During his training sessions he empowers leaders, enlarges their spirits and helps them become a better human beings.

Many bosses just tolerate the people they manage. Ramfis teaches Frontline and Senior leaders how to really lead by truly tapping out of their emotional and spiritual energy.

People simply do not care how much their boss knows, until they know how much he cares. For them..!

Training sessions & Workshops:

  • 40 hours (5 days) Frontline Leadership Toolbox
  • 40 hours (5 days) Leadership & Attitude sessions
  • 40 hours (5 days) Team PSSS – Problem Solving & Sensibility Sessions
  • 8 hours (1 day) Leadership ‘Bottom up’ Principles & Implementation

The impact of the training sessions leads to the following end results:

  • Significant increase in individual and team productivity
  • Significant improvement of service on all levels of the organization
  • Significant reduction of sick leave due to harmony on the work floor
  • Significant reduction in claims filed by customers and employees
  • Significant reduction in damaged company assets
  • Significant reduction in company incidents and accident hazards on the job
  • Significant reduction in prominent employees leaving the company

Ramfis delivers inspirational speeches, lectures and seminars about a variety of topics. It’s his passion to help people discover their God given ability and help them grow spiritually, personally and professionally so that they become better human beings. Individuals and groups will feel special and good about themselves after which they can empower others.

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