Meet Ramfis

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who-he-isRamfis is the real deal; what you see is what you get! He inspires others to become better human beings and enjoys seeing people grow spiritually, personally and ultimately also professionally. Ramfis is a motivational and inspirational author, international speaker and experienced facilitator. As a warm, responsive and responsible individual, he is highly attuned to the emotions, needs and motivations of the individuals, teams and companies he works with.

where-he-is-fromRamfis was born in Aruba, educated & graduated since 1972 as Mechanical Engineer has worked for top companies (locally and abroad) on a Leadership level for a period of over 30 years and as an active motivational Speaker/Author & Facilitator in Leadership & Attitude Training sessions, he currently consults with businesses and organizations all over the world for success in today’s workplace.
Ramfis is six times past president of the local Christian Business Men’s Committee (CBMC) and author/writer of the Leadership Thoughts, a daily devotional since July 2005, that helps thousands of employees & staff members all over the world to apply scriptural insight to virtually every career situation. Ramfis and his wife Dineke are married for 40 years and have two sons and two grandchildren.

what-he-doesRamfis helps people to love and lead their loved ones and their families, to then be able to love and lead their workers successfully in order to fulfill their potentials, inspired by the Word of G-d. He teaches, counsels, coaches and gives motivational and inspirational speeches to groups and individuals in companies as well as in private settings within the Dutch Caribbean islands and abroad. Ramfis acts as a catalyst for individual and group growth and provides inspiring leadership.

what-he-believesRamfis finds potential in everyone and wants to help others fulfill their potential. He therefore believes in bringing people back to the spirit by helping them to use their spiritual and emotional muscle, instead of just their intellectual muscle alone as change starts from the inside out and leadership from the Bottom Up. Ramfis believes in getting to the core of the problems that lie within the spirit stating: ‘When I fix the spirit that was first distracted, it will properly drive the soul and body of that person, team and/or company more powerfully than it ever did before.’

Ramfis is someone who fully and unconditionally acknowledges Jesus Christ as his personal savior. His foundation is truly spiritual and his work as a motivational and inspirational author, speaker and experienced facilitator is truly committed to G-d.