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“E ‘Mentalidad i Aktitut’ dje bon Yu di Kòrsou”.

As an Author, Speaker & Facilitator in Leadership & Attitude I have asked vice-presidents and Human Resource Directors of one hundred of our largest industries in the Caribbean region to name the single greatest reason for firing an employee. While incompetence ranked as the number one reason, the next five reasons all involved a wrong Mentality and Attitude. A wrong Mentality and Attitude will never advance an Employee’s influence, and certainly will not attract people to each other.

For some, a proper Mentality and Attitude comes more naturally than for others, but for all who desire to become successful; this is a MUST. A proper Mentality and Attitude displays itself in many forms – from faith in people to seeing the best in difficult situations. This does not mean that you reject reality. It does mean that if you commit yourself to always have a proper Mentality and Attitude, you can find the best, even in the worst of situations. This will help you turn a negative situation into a positive one. Your Mentality and Attitude determines how you:

  • See YOURSELF: You can’t go higher than your self-image.
  • See OTHERS: You can’t go higher than your belief in others.
  • See your WORK: You can’t go higher than your dream for your career.
  • See your FAILURES: You can’t go higher than your willingness to get up.

BOTTOM-LINE: Is to increase productivity & service by curing bad Attitudes caused by wrong Mentalities. Bad Attitudes can threaten the essential functions of a workplace. They spread like viruses from individual employees through departments and infect entire companies. It can surely become an epidemic in no time. Learn to vaccinate your company against some devastating signs (mentalities), such as:

  • *resisting change
  • *misdirected anger
  • *lack of commitment
  • *condescending perfectionism
  • *spreading gossip
  • *ongoing negativism.



  • Be aware of the different types of negative Attitudes caused by wrong Mentalities.
  • Learn how to diagnose a Mentality- and Attitude problem in themselves and others.
  • Learn how NOT to allow personal problems affect their Mentality /Attitude at work.
  • Replace old, ineffective reactions with adaptable, productive responses.
  • Benefit by learning to take responsibility for their own Mentality /Attitude.
  • Learn how to follow through in order to reinforce new, positive behavior.


  1. More productivity,
  2. Much better Service to everyone IN- & OUTSIDE the Company,
  3. Less likely to miss workdays. (Reducing AO-index),
  4. Less likely to file claims against Employees,
  5. Less likely to have Company assets damaged or to disappear,
  6. Less likely to have outstanding Employees to quit,
  7. Less likely to have accidents/incidents/hazards on the job.
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